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The typical email platform wasn’t built specifically to support newsletters. Curated was. How does that benefit you?

  • Using our creation system actually improves (or strongly influences) the quality of your newsletters
  • It streamlines your publishing workflow
  • You get an optional publication site with searchable back issues
  • It supports your newsletter goals: from reader engagement, to sponsorships, or paid subscriptions

Curated is like a custom-tailored suit: so perfectly fitted to its task that you can never see any other option the same way again. Every part of the platform — from the article collection and management to the email template formatting — makes the creation and management process completely intuitive. I get compliments on every issue!

– Alex Bauer, Mobile Growth News

I’ve been using your service for over 6 months now to  curate my Software Testing Newsletter, and even though I was tempted by other trendy services such as Substack and Revue, honestly, you’re still the king for this kind of format. Loving all the features that allow me to quickly add links and compose the newsletter so easily each week!

Dawid Dylowicz, Software Testing Weekly

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How Curated Works

Collect Links

Use the Curated bookmarklet, Chrome extension, or secret email address to save articles you think your readers will like. Include outside links, your own original content, or a mix of both.  

Add Commentary

Pick the best links and import them directly into your next scheduled issue. Add your voice with an intro, summaries, or personal insights about the news you’re sharing.


Deliver stunning email newsletters your readers actually enjoy. Our rock solid (customizable) template looks great in every email client, so you can focus on content, not design.

You can also choose to produce a beautiful web version of your newsletter with fully searchable issue archives (no extra fee!). Connect it to your domain or use ours.

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